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shapez.io is a game about building factories to automate the creation and combination of shapes. Deliver the requested, increasingly complex shapes to progress within the game and unlock upgrades to speed up your factory.

Since the demand raises you will have to scale up your factory to fit the needs - Don't forget about resources though, you will have to expand in the infinite map!

Since shapes can get boring soon you need to mix colors and paint your shapes with it - Combine red, green and blue color resources to produce different colors and paint shapes with it to satisfy the demand.


  • Waypoints
  • Unlimited Savegames
  • Dark Mode
  • More settings
  • Allow me to further develop shapez.io ❤️
  • In the future: More content, buildings and features!

I am currently going through the review process of releasing it on steam, too - If you buy it on itch.io, you will get a key for the steam version when its released!

Mac users: I currently don't do builds for your OS since it got much harder with the recent policy changes from apple. Feel free to make a PR!


Buy Now$3.99 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $3.99 USD. You will get access to the following files:

shapezio-windows-64bit.zip 65 MB
Version 1.1.5
shapezio-linux-64bit.zip 66 MB
Version 1.1.5

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разработчик почему игру нужно купить если эта игра новая ?

это самый последний уровень и ни как не собрать этот маленкий куб 

вот писали же

The Linux version has been running great!

Nice! So far there have been no other complaints as well, so I guess I could remove the experimental status

Hello! i recently bought shapez.io and played until level 13. I turned off my computer to do something else, and when i went to play it my game will no longer load that save. Any advice?

Hey, whats the exact error message?

Something along the lines of  "We cant load your savegame, it might not show up. Sorry!". Then it just loads forever.

How much disk space do you have remaining? Are you on windows or Linux?

I have 252 Gigabytes free. I backed up all the current game files and reinstalled it. When i tried to import the save file, it says: "Error: bad content / decompression-failed"

Hm, did you compile it yourself at some point?

How to assemble this fragment of the figure - a small square?

I had trouble figuring that one out too. It's a puzzle, try to figure it out yourself first, it is much more fun like that. The game ends after this one.

Otherwise, if you'd like to rob yourself of that nice feeling of accomplishment, look at my solution.

omg, I could not come to such a decision, I thought it was connected either with the cutting of a figure or a bug)

once at this end, I will be twice disappointed
thanks for the answer :)

Please add application update mechanism on the game. thank you.

You can install it via the itch.io client to have it auto updated :)

Nice game! Is it possible to play the non-demo in the browser?

Planned :)

I'm probably blind, kind see discord link here ;(

Find it via the github; https://github.com/tobspr/shapez.io


Can't wait for it to be on stea... Will there be Achievements 

Also how will we get the steam key

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I will send out an Email once it’s ready :)

Hi, is there a bug that balancer and merger do not procude a fully compacted belt even tough there are enough items at the input of the balancer/merger?

In the screenshot you see that the output belt is not fully compressed but there are items waiting/standing at the top of the output. The same happens with mergers.

It's annyoing to have two full belts as input, enough capacity to produce a full output belt but it is just not happening.


This can happen with certain combinations of upgrade levels and I am already working on a. Fix :)

Hello, i just bought the game cause i loved the demo , is there a support page for trouble shooting for the standalone version?



I recommend to join the discord server :)

Thank you... great fun game!!!

i have a blanck screen and sound but no game on standalone version... how to fix it?

Hey, which operating system do you use?

I love this game!

I think maybe you'd appreciate a suggestions:

 I was thinking that an add/substract (union/intersection) way of manipulating shapes could add some more shapes to the arsenal, but only recently I realized a way in which it could be done that it's interesting: Make a machine than accepts a shape and a color as input. The output would be the initial shape with the parts of the input color "dissolved". And from this I had the idea that maybe you could do molds in which the "outer" (the biggest of the shapes composing a more complex shape) should be solid, and then all the empty spaces will be outputed as their negative (but as a slightly bigger shape). This would also be an indirect way of "extracting" a simpler shape from a more complex one (like extracting blue circles from the blueprint shape)

Also, it would be cool to have a menu or something that told you the delay in every structure, that way you could calculate the most efficient way of doing something

Enjoying the game very much so far!

Have have made a few suggestions on github, I hope you don't mind.

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Thanks! Replied to them :)

i have a problem, i own a chromebook and cant buy the stand alone even though i have the money and want it, do you think its possible to make a version for our os? or give us a key to a browser version?

ex: type this code xxxxx to unlock the browser version, each code could be different...

just an idea for us struggling chrome os users,

thanks -Alex

you can reach me at:


Yeah I have some ideas about this :) No concrete plans when this will happen though

hmmmm... good to know your working on something for us, thank toby!

also, nice work on the update bro!

Loved playing through this in browser. Tier 7 on everything, and onto level 18. Needing to make a shape with 8 unique random attributes just to unlock the next level is a bit demotivating, think this is where I drop out of playing. Love that you've added waypoints! I kept losing where my sections were and had to zoom in and out of each area to find the part I wanted to work on. Hope you add more content to unlock and I'll come back to get them! Also I think the shape needed to make tier 7 upgrades could do with a tutorial - Took me a good while to figure out how to make it (though I did eventually get there, so maybe not?)

I recommend you use a forum instead of a comment section for this game. Considering the size of the game and the potential to be popular, you probably want a separate thread for bug reports, feature requests, showing off factories, etc.

Just a thought.

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There is a very active discord community :) I am also available on that server most time of the day and respond to everything. I feel like that’s a bit faster than a forum

I spent a couple hours on demo, loved it, now it says my game is corrupted and won't load. I understand it says 'beta', and to get stable experience I should buy the stable version, which I would do, but I am on Linux. Isn't JavaScript multiplatform? It should be like... you build it on Windows and then run on anything, right? ...or not? :) And they say that my hatred towards JS is baseless :D 

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The 1.1.1 update just fixed this :)

Sorry, still no success. I reloaded with cache disabled, and when I checked console, there is a  'savegame-deserialize-failed:Invalid pinned shapes data' error. It also shows 'Unknown Level' and '921982' below that. When I open changelog, 1.1.1 is the latest entry. 

Could you send me the savegame to bugs@shapez.io then? Were you playing on the beta?

On the way. I forgot to mention there that yes,  I was playing on the beta (beta.shapez.io) the whole time.

Ahh, yeah that totally explains it. I fixed your savegame and replied to your email :)

+1 4 linux <3

Awesome game - clean and simple.  You all will be happy to buy it!

Touches of Factorio and Mindustry (no combat, just building) which is awesome.  

Already has a lot of polish and knowing the author's previous track record, this already good game will be pretty great.

Seems really neat, just picked up the full version after playing the demo a bit. I did have one suggestion for a quality of life feature, if that's alright. Assuming there isn't already a way to do this, it would be really handy if there was a way to put down a component so that it replaces whatever is already in that space. For instance, if you had an extractor pointed to the left and you wanted one pointing down, if you could down a button and plop a down-facing extractor directly on top of the left-facing extractor instead of having to manually delete it first.

This looks great - once i've had a few plays i'll definately feature this on my channel :)

So much fun! Despite having an infinite map to work with, I decided to challenge myself to create the most space-efficient "assembly lines" and created the NASTIEST looking factories. (In a good way.) Looking forward to the blueprint update!!

Please add a preference to disable scroll wheel zoom, it can be quite frustrating playing with a track pad.

Otherwise I love it, i've been playing for days

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Hello. This game looks interesting and intruiging. I'm on linux and I wanted to give this game a try. I can try to run windows games but I don't want to pay for the game and to find out that I can't even run the game on linux under windows emulator. (money is no issue, but I just thought maybe ill ask because why not)

either way, the game holds huge potential and keep it up

Ive been playing for a few hours and its one of the best games ive played, Im thinking that is there enemies or are you planning to do so. Im looking really forward to the updates that you will make.

Keep up the work! :D

Thanks! For now there are no enemies, since I try to be as minimalistic as possible


The only thing I would add is a blueprint function where you select a section of factory and save it as a blueprint that can be built repeatedly.


Amazing news!

1.1.0 just added blueprints! :)

Talk about timing!! :) 

Really cool and smart game! I've only played about 2 h, but I'm totally convinced!

Some questions and ideas for further updates:

- Would there be any possibility for a koop mode? Cause I really like to play Factorio with my buddies and I wanna play shapez with them too!

- Do the upgrades for tunnels also affect their range?

-  What about mirroring the Cutter and the Rotator? This would help a lot for a smarter and compact fabric layout.

Thanks for your feedback and your continous updates! :)

  • Coop is most likely not happening soon
  • No, but there is a Tier 2 tunnel unlocked later which has a bigger range
  • Considering, but not entirely sure yet

Thanks for your feedback!

Just unlocked the second variant of the rotator, very nice! :)

I've now played about 3h and I like that game. I have some questions:

-If I buy the game, ist ist possible to play it in the browser?

-Is there any plan of adding a clone feature? Because the comletely repetitive tasks are a little bit boring

i hope you can understand my English (it's not my first language)

Good Luck with your game

  • Right now it is not possible to play the full version in the browser
  • A blueprint feature is planned for the next major update! :)

Blueprints are now in as of 1.1.0! :)

Ok... I haven't even gotten 10 minutes into the game and I already love it. Might even get this real soon.

Yeah, so I'm playing the demo and it seems really interesting. I'll see about getting the paid version.

I found the demo to this game on CrazyGames, just looking for a short time waster.

I ended up spending upwards of ten hours on this gem.

It's worth a try, and I'd highly recommend it.

same bruh, same website and same amount of hours, but right around not if my calculations are correct i've played for 24 hours.

nice game :)

Nicely done.

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Great game here!  I would only suggest that you do your graphics Vector in Illustrator so they scale better. Right now, zoomed out... they don't look as clean as they might.

I really like the soft and simple graphics, I will keep an eye on this project.

I loved. Exactly what I'm looking, a sandbox with puzzles.

Like the game, would purchase if there was a Linux build.


A cool game for relaxing. Its easy to learn and is quite fun. I am really looking forward to see more features.

With 11.5 hours invested already into the demo, can't wait to see whats to come!

Thanks! At that point, you should probably just get the standalone :P

I have spent atleast 7-9 hours on the demo and it honeslty worth it. one of the best small simple games ive played in a very very long time. I would like to see more to come.. or not the game is good as it i

Thank you! Actually a lot more content will come in the standalone!

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Great game mate, kudos! Bought!

Thank you!

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