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Nice game! Good music and feels good to build a base

this game isnt working for me. it just loads forever. when i go to inspect it says 75 errors. one of them, the website isnt found on my computer. pls fix


Hey I'd like to be able to download the game...


please make this game a new uptade and remove like if u sandbox u need to lvl up 1st b4 u get on sandbox place ice zombs shoots ice freezes toer for 2 seconds


please use fucking english mate


I can't read this


This reminds me of that old flash game "The Space Game". Were you inspired by it?

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Hello, I was interested in your game, it's nice idea for a game, and I want to ask, where was made this game, I mean, Unity, Unreal Engine or something more basic ?

Hi, it was made with the Phaser Engine (JavaScript)!


Very interesting game concept, I think with better isometric graphisme you can build the next clash of clan!